plus size tankini

Good Tuesday! Today I want to make a reflection to share the other day with my friends and is really bad.

Almost every year people set out as purpose for the new year to join a gym to have a more toned or muscular body. When you do it to have a good body for summer and when the time comes for bikinis also comes the season of ice cream to go out for dinner or take a walk and everything you have achieved during the winter in your body is thrown by the Edge in summer fattened those pounds that summer almost forces you;)

For all of this today I want to show you an alternative to bathing clothes in summer and being able to give you those summer caprices without feeling guilty and be well with your body. They are the plus size tankini that you can see on the page of dresslily as well as its multitude of designs in Hawaiian shirt that are perfect with some nice jeans.

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