some mistakes of curly hair care that need know

Curly hair or curly wigs look very beautiful and cute, but as we all know, it is very difficult to take care of curly hair.Have you used human curly hair or curly wigs? If you like curly weave, you must know the ways to care the curly hair, however, do you know whether the way to care for human curly hair or curly wigs is correct? We will tell you some mistakes in curly hair care.

Curly hair has a different texture than other forms of hair. It tends to become dry, frizzy, and kinky as we are sure you already know from experience in especially, rain or humid climates or areas.If you have curly hair, you may already know all kinds of ways of indian hair care, but do you know whether the way is correct or wrong?Here are some wrong ways of curly hair care, have you use these ways to care for your curly hair? If you have, please stop hurting your hair! Below are the mistakes of curly hair care:


How often do you wash your curly hair? Do you wash it every day or 4-5 times a week? While it depends on yourself how often you wash your hair, we suggest that you should try your best to avoid washing your hair every day. As if you wash the human curly hair every day, the shampoo will hurt your hair, it may cause your hair to dry and shedding. So we highly recommend that you wash your hair once or twice a week. Also, you can use oil hair before the wash.


Do you think it is confusing to use conditioner when washing hair? Do you use conditioner whenever washing your curly hair?As the saying above, we don't recommend washing your curly hair with shampoo frequently. As it may hurt your human hair and make it dry. But the conditioner is your real friend to care for your curly hair, it can help you can hair become smoother and silky. Welcome that friend into the shower with you frequently, of course, you can use the conditioner even if you don't wash your hair. The coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe vera is really healthy for your curly hair. Also, the quantity of the conditioner is important. Use lots of conditioners and don't wash it out completely. If your curly hair is really dry, mix half part oil in your conditioner.


When you wash your curly hair, some people think that it's better to set the curls when the hair becomes dry, actually, it's totally bad for your curly hair or curly wig. As if you wait too long to apply styling products on your curly hair, it may cause the curls to frizzy, so we recommend that when you apply the products, you can use your closed hand.

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Usually, to blow-drying the curly hair quickly, we will use the blow dryer. But the heat and the forceful air will hurt your curly hair and make it dryer, the best way is air-drying for you if you have curly hair or curly wigs. If you really want to use a blow dryer, it's better to use a diffuser, it can help to make the curly hair get less hurt. Also, please don't use a towel to dry to hair, that will do the trick.


As we recommend that wash your curly hair once or twice a week. Some people may think that we can only use the conditioner when we wash the hair, in fact, if you do like that, your curly hair may become dry, as twice a week to use the conditioner, it can't offer enough nutrition for your hair. So do you know there is a product you can use which named leave-in conditioner. The curly hair meed more water and nutrition to make the hair smoothly, the leave-in conditioner can offer that for your curly hair, it can not only offer moisture and nourishment for your curly hair but also can form a protective barrier for your curly hair so that your hair won't be hurt by the air and UV. If you never use the leave-in conditioner, you can try it. You may get a big surprise on your curly hair.


When your curly hair becomes tangle, how do you do about this? Use the comb on your hair or use a brush to detangle? If you do like this, have you find that it will cause your hair more tangle. So which way is better to solve this problem? Please remember that do not use a brush to detangle your curly hair, it has no use to solve this problem, even, it will hurt your curly hair. When you meet this situation, you can comb your hair with your fingers when shampooing the hair, or you can use the wide-tooth comb when you condition your curly hair. And please remember that let your hair dry in the curly hair. Do not blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer.

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When you buy the shampoo or conditioner, will you check the ingredients of the product you ordered? As we all know the products containing sulfates will get rich lather in shampoos. But the rich lather not means it will healthy for your virgin hair vendors. The sulfates will cause your hair to dry and brittle, even if it will make your hair shedding. So when you buy your curly hair products, please check and ingredients and never order the products with sulfates.


Did you care for your hair when you sleep? What kind of pillow do you use when you sleep? Some people may think that we don't need to care the curly hair when we sleep, and some people may ask how can I care for my curly hair when I sleep.

In fact, it's very important to care the curly hair when you sleep. The cotton pillow will soak up your hair's natural oils while you sleep. To protect your curly hair, we suggest you use a silk pillow when you sleep, or you can use a silk scarf to wrap your curly when you sleep.

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If you like curly hair and you want to order some curly weaves or curly wigs, you must know the correct way of curly hair care so that you can maintain the beauty of the curly hair. Please do not use the wrong way to care for your curly hair or curly wig.


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